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At the inception of the Sanitary Branch of the Medical Department in 1913 six Sanitary Inspectors were appointed after six months training at the Colombo Medical College; since then recruitment of sanitary inspectors continued bi-annually.

Sanitary Inspectors played a major role in the control activities carried out during the devastating malaria epidemic of 1934/35. With the inauguration of the Malaria Control and Health Scheme in 1937, their designation was changed from Sanitary Inspector to Sanitary Assistant and back again into Sanitary Inspector. It was with the implementation of the recommendations of Dr. Cumpston’s Report on the 1st of July 1954 that their designation was changed to public Health Inspector.

How ever the past 102 years we were getting more victories of Sri Lankan Health, specially Eradication is Wasuriya diseases and successfully controlling of communicable diseases, establish of safe and healthy Food culture, well being of School children, Decreasing of Occupational health hazards, Improving knowledge, skills and attitude of Health prevention through the Health education & low enforcement and help to increasing of Vaccination coverage.

Today we have 1710 members in Island wide with Public Health Inspectors & Administrative Public Health Inspectors as main enforcement of Prevention team.

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